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Dogs at Willunga Farmers Market

Thank you for continuing to support our Farmers and Producers at the Market each week. 

Unfortunately, we are receiving an increasing number of complaints about Dogs in the Market. 

Whilst we have welcomed dogs to the Market since moving to Town Square in 2007, it is important to remember that the Willunga Farmers Market is a fresh food Market, held in a public space that should be welcoming and safe for all.

We would ask that before bringing your dog to the Market that you think about the experience for other Market patrons and also the wellbeing of your dog.  Sometimes a visit to the Market can be overwhelming for our four-legged friends.

If you are bringing your dog to the Market please remember the following;

  • In the interest of public health and safety please ensure your dog is kept on a short lead at all times during a visit to the market and do not allow your dog to enter into a stall space
  • Be mindful when walking through crowds—particularly of prams and children
  • Be aware of your dogs body language
    Signs of stress could include yawning, panting, tail between legs, nose licking or scratching
  • Be aware of other dogs
  • Not everybody is comfortable around dogs so be mindful of your surrounds
  • Never leave your dog unattended or off lead in the market area and clean up any faeces left by your dog
  • Be mindful of the weather conditions
  • Under the Cat & Dog Act you are responsible and personally liable for your dogs actions in a public space

Thank you

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