Willunga High School, Main Rd, Willunga SA 5172

Open Every Saturday — 8am til 12 noon

Ins & Outs for 7 July 2018

INs and OUTs for Willunga Farmers Market this Saturday, 7th July. 

The temps have dropped but don’t let that dampen your enthusiasm to get out and support your local farmers and producers! Freshly harvested fruit and veg from the Fleurieu, baked goods including the amazing Bull Creek Organic Bakery Woodoven Pies and Tarts, hot coffee, the famous Fleurieu Lavender brownies, hearty soups and plenty more to tempt your tastebuds! In – Second Valley Cheese Co, Grancari Estate, Heirloom Harvest, Primordia Mushrooms, Blue Cottage Farms & Bush OrganicsOut – Alnda Farm, Unique Tree Pastry Co, Mountain Fresh Juice, Willunga Plains Flowers, Vive Wild Mushrooms (out for the season) & Lacewood Jams (returning August) Full list of stall holders below so you can easily check for your favourites (and discover new ones of course!);

Adelaide Hills Avocados – out for the season
Alexandrina Cheese Co – out, returning 14 July
Alnda Farms – out, returning 21 July
Ashbourne Valley Orchards
Austar Mariculture
Barmera Vineyard Veggies
Blue Cottage Farm – Almonds
Brian’s Olives (with Second Valley Cheese Co)
Bull Creek Bakery
Bull Creek Organic Garlic
Bush Organics
Bush Pepper Catering
Cradle of Hills Wines – 4th & 5th (when applicable) Saturday of each month
Crepe City
Bickleigh Vale Farm
Do Bee Honey
Eighty One Acres – occasional
Fat Goose Fruits – out for winter season
The Dandy Tea Co
Falkai Farm (sharing with Nomad Farms) – monthly stall holder – 4th week of the month
Feather & Peck Pasture EggsFleurieu Lavender
Fleurieu Milk
Fleurieu Prime Alpaca
Flour Power Bread
Four Winds Chocolate (with Piccolo Espresso)
Gina’s Kitchen & Berries
Grancari Estate Wine – 1st & 2nd Saturday of each month
Gut Feeling
Harts Vegetables
Harvest the Fleurieu
Heirloom Harvest
Hillside Herbs
Humble Ground Coffee
Inman Valley Poultry
John Edmeades
Lacewood – out, returning 4 AugustLina Kondoprias
Little Acre Foods
Matchett Productions
McCarthys Orchard
Milkless – vegan cheese producer
Mountain Fresh Juice – out, returning 14 July
Najobe Beef
Nomad Farm – monthly stall, 4th Saturday of each month (with Falkai Farm)
Oriental Greens – out, returning 14 July
P&L Mushrooms
Piccolo Espresso
Polacco Enterprises – Scallops – seasonal (July to November)
Primordia Mushrooms
Sabella Wines
Salad Greens & Kitchen Herbs
Second Valley Cheese Co
Shifty Lizard Brewing Company – 2nd Saturday of every month
Small World Bakery
Soula & Bill Andonopoulos
Sunshine Iceblocks – out / seasonal
Taronga Orchards Almonds
The Farm – Willunga Olives
The Garden Farmers
The Redwood Oven (formerly Pizza Kneads)
Two Hills and a Creek
Unique Tree Pastry Co – out, returning 14 July
Village Greens of Willunga Creek
Virgaras Garden
Vive Wild Mushrooms – out for the season
Warrakilla Fine Foods
Willunga Plains Flowers – out, returning 14 July
Woodside Cheese Wrights

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