Willunga High School, Main Rd, Willunga SA 5172

Essential Service — Open Every Saturday — 8am til 12 noon

Ins & Outs for 18 April

Shop and Go at Willunga Farmers Market this Saturday! Wash hands on entry to the Market, observe social distancing and direction from volunteers, “touch it, you buy it”??? 8AM – UNTIL 12noon

Please do not visit the market as a group – one shopper per family where possible please ?

Stall list 18 April 2020Location
Adelaide Hills AvocadoRec Park
Alnda FarmRec Park
Austar MaricultureTown Square
Barmera Sweet PotatoesRec Park
Bickleigh Vale FarmRec Park
Bone Appetit BarkeryTown Square
Bull Creek BakeryTown Square
Bull Creek Organic FarmRec Park
Cockatoo Creek FarmTown Square
DoBee HoneyTown Square
Falkai FarmTown Square
Feather & PeckTown Square
Fleurieu MilkTown Square
Fleurieu Prime AlpacaTown Square
Flour Power BreadTown Square
Gina’s Kitchen & Field BerriesRec Park
Grancari Estate WinesTown Square
Gut Feeling FermentationTown Square
Harts VegetablesRec Park
Harvest the FleurieuRec Park
Heirloom HarvestRec Park
HerbivorousRec Park
Hillside Herbs & SucculentsRec Park
John EdmeadesRec Park
Little Yarra Cheese CoTown Square
Matchett ProductionsTown Square
McCarthy’s OrchardRec Park
Milkless CheeseTown Square
NajobeTown Square
Nomad FarmTown Square
Oriental GreenRec Park
P&L Rogers MushroomsRec Park
Redwood OvenTown Square
Salad Greens & Kitchen HerbsRec Park
Soul Food & CoTown Square
Soula & Bills FruitRec Park
Talbot & Co CoffeeRec Park
Taronga AlmondsTown Square
The FarmTown Square
The Garden FarmersTown Square
The Wild AppleRec Park
Two Hills & A CreekTown Square
Willunga Plains FlowersRec Park
Woodside CheeseTown Square

Please follow the direction of Market volunteers at all times.

Please Shop Considerately – the following will be enforced;

– Queue Distantly / 1.5m, follow direction from stallholders & WFM Staff
– Could one person shop for your family?  NO groups
– Electronic payments will be accepted at more stalls
– Use your bag to pick up the food you want
– Don’t touch food you are not buying 
– Wash your hands on entry into the Market
– Do not allow children to handle food 
– Wash produce well before consuming at home

If you touch it, you buy it!
You buy it, you wash it!
Then, you ENJOY it!

Do not visit the market if you are feeling unwell – anyone displaying flu like symptoms will be asked to leave the market immediately.

Town Square “wooden seating” is a rest point only – no gathering or lingering

8am open (no early arrivals)  Stall holders have many changes to adapt to and your patience in arriving after 8am is appreciated.  

No food or wine tasting until further notice.

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