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Preserved Limes

Great preserve making requires beautiful ingredients. Always choose good produce and look for the best salt available. Try Murray River Salt as it sharpens and defines the natural flavour of the limes in a way that reveals a uniquely gentle and complex flavour. It will taste fabulous!  Makes about 700g

Tip! Make a stunning yet simple salad with strips of a finely sliced preserved lime, the ripest tomatoes available, sprigs of fresh coriander and the Fresh Cheddar Curd available from Alexandrina Cheese . Arrange on a platter then season with salt and extra virgin olive oil.

Preserved Limes

12 limes – Fat Goose Fruits
Murray River Salt

You will need 1 large or 2 smaller sterilised jars to accommodate the limes. Juice 5 limes, discard skin and set the juice aside. Weigh the remaining limes – you will need 10% salt to the total weight of limes. Quarter the remaining limes. Sprinkle some salt in the bottom of jar. Next, firmly pack into the jar a layer of lime pieces. Sprinkle more salt over limes and add a little juice. Repeat process until jar is full and lime pieces are fully submerged. Seal jar and store for a minimum of three months before opening.

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