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Farmers Scholarship

Little Forest Farm

Scholarship Winner 2020

Little Forest Farm

Little Forest Farm is the project of Rohan Cleeves and Hailey Lane. Their vision is to grow quality native Australian food in a healthy, productive ecosystem, in a way that is beneficial to people, local ecology, local economies and the global environment. It is the culmination of their vision to own and man – age a piece of land to restore its natural ecological values, while deriving an income from the land that allows them to spend our days there. The farm will grow and sell native Australian foods including dried and processed herbs, teas and spice products. Eventually this range will expand to include a range of other products. The native food movement is on the rise with top chefs across the country using a range of local native ingredients. This is filtering down to home cooking enthusiasts. Herbs and spices are an accessible entry into this category as they can be incorporated into foods that people are already familiar with and fit within most dietary restrictions (gluten free, vegan etc.). This project has grown out of a passion for native flora, an interest in new flavours and the local food movement, and a central belief that food can be produced in a way that benefits the environment.

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